Plan your trip to Greece the smart way

Things To Know When Planning Your Greece Trips

The first thing to keep in mind is that Greece is a huge territory. You have to focus on visiting a certain area or a small group of islands at once. If you can afford to spend three months in Greece, this is another story. However, most tourists plan for one or two weeks, the luckiest ones being able to spend one full month on their holiday. Here’s a 10-day Greece itinerary, to see what you can cover in such a short time.

Greece has an excellent public transport system. The buses are comfortable, they have air conditioning and the drivers are good. Nonetheless, the schedule isn’t always too generous, as you may only have a couple of options in the day. I still remember when I had to return the rental car to Rethymno. I did it without even thinking about any bus schedule. As I got to the bus station, I found out that the next bus to Agia Galini (where I lived at that time) was supposed to leave the next morning. You can’t imagine how fast I ran back to the car rental shop to ask the guy to give me that car again for a couple of days. Eventually, I rented it for the whole winter, but that’s a story I’m going to tell you in another article. For now, the point is that you have to study the bus schedules carefully, if you plan to move across Greece.

The weather in Greece is usually predictable, but it can go crazy at times. Can you believe that I’ve seen snow in Crete one morning? It’s true this was in December, but the previous day I was bathing in the sea without problems. I did the same the next day. Take care when you pack for your Greece holidays, as evenings may get chilly even during the summer. It’s best to dress in layers, so that you can peel them off you as needed.

Thank You in Greek

Thank You in Greek

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