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Please use the search box above to find some hotels and apartments in the region of Greece that interests you. Finding the best accommodation in Greece is a matter of knowing your priorities and of matching them to your personal preferences.

How To Choose the Perfect Accommodation in Greece

If, for instance, you have a very long layover in Athens, you may be better off with booking a hotel nearby the airport rather than in Plaka or Monastiraki. If you want to spend three or four days in Athens, you’ll want to be in the city center, in order to have all important landmarks within a short distance. Commutes in Athens can be long, as there’s a significant amount of traffic. Besides, grabbing a taxi in the street appears to be an adventure (I’m not sure how Greeks do it). If you go to Greece for a beach vacation, be it on the mainland or on the islands, you’ll want your hotel to be near the beach. Some may also want a swimming pool, while others couldn’t care less about that (since the sea is everywhere around you). Some people like to stay in huge resorts or in five-star hotels, while others prefer private, stand-alone apartments with facilities for cooking. Some seek for silence while others want to be in the middle of the most vibrant neighborhood. Everything goes, as long as you pick your favorite type of accommodation. And the good news is that Greece has them all!

How To Find the Best Deals for Hotels and Apartments

To find the best deals, you need to start your research early. The moment you can set your travel dates is the right time to start searching for hotels. When you book early, ensure you can change your mind later without having to pay a penalty. There are many accommodation venues that allow you to change your mind until the last moment. If you know for sure that you’ll be in Greece between certain dates, you can benefit from lower prices by booking a non-refundable room. Beware, though, you risk to lose the whole amount, should you need to cancel your trip to Greece.