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Transportation by Land: Buses

Buses in Greece are reliable and comfortable. Even islands such as Crete and Corfu have their own bus networks that work well. You don’t need to hire a car for your Greece vacation, if you don’t want to. However, you’ll need to do more upfront planning and stick to relatively strict schedules.

Where Can You Buy Bus Tickets in Greece?

There are kiosks and ticket machines in the main bus stations. You can also pay directly to the driver or buy your tickets online.

What Is the Price of a Bus Ticket?

Bus ticket prices depend on the distance. You’ll have to check out the KTEL website for the Greece region you’re interested in.

In Athens, a single ticket costs 1.40 Euro and it is valid for 90 minutes from the moment you validate it. You can use this ticket on any public transport (bus, trolleybus, tram or Metro).

How Good Are Buses in Athens?

Buses in Athens are good, although not as comfortable as the ones that link different regions and cities of Greece. There are bus express lines that link the airport to the center of Athens and to Piraeus. You can trust on these lines to do their job. However, keep in mind that the X96 express bus ride from the airport to Piraeus may take anywhere between one hour and 1.5 hours, while a taxi ride will only take 30 – 40 minutes.

The taxi fare from the airport to the city center is 35 Euro. The taxi fare from the airport to Piraeus (the main port of Athens)  is 50 Euro. The price of an express bus ticket is 6 Euro (one way). If you travel with a group of friends, you should do the math to see whether it would be worth using the buses or you should rather take a taxi.

How Good Are Mainland Greece Buses?

Greece has a good network of roads. This makes it very easy to connect cities, towns, and tourist objectives by reliable bus lines.

I’ve never used the railways in Greece, so I can’t tell you how good or how reliable they are. Buses, on the contrary, can be an excellent alternative to driving.

Can You Take Buses on the Islands?

Yes, most islands have their own network of buses.

I’ve used a lot of buses during my winter in Crete and I was pleased with their punctuality and with the level of comfort. The schedules, however, aren’t always convenient, particularly during winter. This is why you may need to rent a car, particularly outside the high season.



Transportation by Water: Ferries, Speed Boats, Cruises

There are many ferryboat lines that connect various places in Greece, islands included. You can use this ferry timetable and booking engine to buy tickets for your next island hopping adventure in Greece.


Renting A Car & Driving in Greece

Driving in Greece is easy. Most of their roads are very good. There are several highways connecting the main regions of mainland Greece. You’ll drive on the right side of the road. Street signs are the international ones, so you won’t have a problem understanding them.

The biggest problem will be to be able to read the names of the places, as the Greek alphabet isn’t easy.




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