How would you like hundreds of Greece captions for your Instagram posts? What about some ready-made, shareable Greece photos with captions, ready for you to use on your profiles?

The perfect Greece captions and photos can attract thousands of new followers to your Instagram account. Greece is one of the most Instagrammable destinations worldwide, so it is well-worth the effort of making it known to the world. Besides, many people are still to visit Greece, so they live vicariously through your pictures and web stories until the day of their big Greek adventure. As many of us document our travels on social media, we could use all creative ideas we can find to create compelling captions, smart puns, witty jokes and inspiring quotes about places we visit, in Greece or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

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Taking amazing photos of Greece is easy. All you need to do is point your camera at random and shoot. Chances are you’ll end up with lots of amazing images. Santorini, for instance, is beautiful from every angle and at any hour of the day, all year round. Other islands are also amazing, as they are home to giant bougainvillea trees full of pink or white flowers, old and weirdly shaped olive trees, churches with blue dome roofs, pristine sandy beaches, and crystal clear blue waters.

Mainland Greece is nothing short of amazing, either. Quaint, little villages and seaside resorts such as Vourvouru, Afytos, and Ouranopolis are as many ideal places to spend a heavenly holiday in Greece. Pair your photos with some smart or inspiring Greece captions and puns, and you’ll keep your followers thrilled and entertained for a long time.

Coming up with the best Greece captions, though, is a real challenge. This is where you may want to seek for inspiration on Greece travel websites like Offbeat Greece, the one you’re reading now. I did my best to take this research to the next level, in order to offer you the best Greek IG captions you’ll ever find. I scouted Instagram and Pinterest, and even put together a few pins and images with captions ready for you to use.

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You’ll find here over 500 Greece captions belonging into several categories such as General captions about Greece, Santorini captions, Greek Island captions, Greece sunset captions, Greece waterfalls captions, Greece captions for Instagram, Athens captions, Greek honeymoon captions etc.

Classic Greece Captions

None of the below puns and quotes make original Greece Instagram captions. Nonetheless, use them to caption the right photos and you’ll blow the minds of your followers away.

  1. It’s all Greek to me now, honey!
  2. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts! Say Efharisto!
  3. Freedom or death (Eleftheria i thanatos)
  4. You’re invited to my big fat Greek wedding
  5. Greece for the win!
  6. Greece, you stole my heart!
  7. Myth me in Greece!
  8. One ouzo a day keeps the doctor away
  9. I followed my heart and it led me to Greece
  10. Fifty Shades of Greek
  11. Fifty Shades of Blue
  12. All you need is Greece, Greece, Greece
  13. Being in Greece never goes out of style
  14. If I fall for Greece, would you follow me?
  15. Greece is always on my mind
  16. I’ve got Greece under my skin
  17. I’m blue; Santorini blue
  18. Blue-tiful Santorini, my home away from home
  19. A drop of Greece is better than a sea of therapy
  20. Let Greece be thy medicine
  21. Greece, a paradise on Earth
  22. Seeing is never-leaving
  23. Happiness is a choice. I choose Greece.
  24. Picture-perfect Greece
  25. Greece is out of this world
  26. Greece and I are a match made in heaven
  27. Greece is my playground
  28. I was born to wander, but Greece makes me wanna stop
  29. Greece is like a chocolate box. It doesn’t matter where you go. All is good.
  30. Life in blue and white
  31. Can you see the goddess in me?
  32. If wisdom begins in wonder, happiness begins in Greece
  33. Greece, a dream come true!
  34. Greece, where beauty meets history
  35. Visiting the land of Gods
  36. Greece is an inspiration for dreamers and poets
  37. I wanted to be dis-Crete but now you know my se-Crete
  38. You Odyssey Greece!
  39. I’ll never tick Greece off my bucket list
  40. My morning coffee view
  41. A coffee with a view
  42. An ouzo with a view
  43. A window with a view
  44. My life, my terms
  45. Island hop until you drop
  46. Come join me. It’ll be fun!
  47. Join the fun, enjoy the sun!
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Happiness is a choice, indeed. I choose Greece captions for my posts

Greece Captions for Food Photos & Greek Taverna Selfies

  1. Life’s Betta with a little Feta
  2. Say Greeeece!
  3. Life at the right end of the fork
  4. Life is too short for bad food
  5. Be a spanakopita in a world on pies
  6. Living the tasty life
  7. That’s how to Plato your food!
  8. There’s so much happiness on my plate!
  9. Hungry eyes
  10. Fresh from the sea to the plate
  11. I’m too full, come help me!
  12. Living the sweet life
  13. There’s a Greek salad with my name on it
  14. Eat, enjoy and repeat.
  15. Mind the cats, you’ll want to take them home
  16. Hungry eyes
  17. I’m not gonna sugar coat the truth, Greek food is delicious
  18. Look for the magic in every plate. Olive oil is magic.
  19. I woke up like this
  20. Decluttering my plate, Marie Kondo style
greece food captions

Greece food captions – this rabbit was sensational. I ate it in Crete

Greece IG Captions for Beach Photos

  1. Salt in my hair, sand in my shoes, happiness in my eyes
  2. Greek beaches for the win!
  3. Dance me to the end of sand
  4. My Apollo-gies for living the fun life
  5. All Rhodes lead to the beach
  6. Greek beaches create happiness
  7. Happiness is a sandy beach
  8. Blue waters run happy
  9. BRB
  10. For Your Eyes Only
  11. Gone snorkeling
  12. Don’t wait for me!
  13. I love my life
  14. Do you sea me?
  15. Sun kissed and happy as can be
  16. Salty kisses, my friends!
  17. Greece is always a good idea
  18. Mamma Mia… Here I go again!
  19. Vitamin Sea! Just what my doctors ordered!
  20. No, I’m not coming back home today!
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Say Greeece! Say cheese… Feta cheese

Greece Captions for Sunset Scenery

  1. Looking back in awe
  2. Happiness is a Greek island sunset
  3. Here’s a sunset calling your name
  4. When life gives you sunsets, make them count
  5. You may say I’m a dreamer, but look at this sunset!
  6. Live life to the full, and focus on the horizon
  7. My Me-konos time has arrived
  8. Oia, the house of unforgettable sunsets
  9. One life. Hundreds of sunsets
  10. There’s no monotony in Greek sunsets
  11. A sunset on the rocks, please!
  12. Infinity starts with a pool

How To Come Up with the Best Greece Captions

If you want to spice up your Instagram, all you need to do is to come up with Greece captions that are original and to the point. Express your feelings and try to set the mood for your followers. Instagram travel photos and quotes are all about inspiration and wanderlust. While it is true that a photo can be worth a thousand words, adding the right caption can skyrocket its effect on the viewer.

The recipe for the perfect Greece Instagram caption may include history hints, quotes from famous writers or actors, fragments of poems, funny stories, or simply sharing your feelings.

Simple quotes and puns can provide you with sweet vibes. Custom pins use these words as positive cues for daily encouragement. You can also give them as motivational gifts to those around you to convey your positive energy.

Asking questions in your Greece captions is another great way to entice your followers into interacting with your posts. Also, asking people to do something works like a charm. The more hearts and comments you can get, the better. Sometimes, a simple “Have you been to Santorini?” or “Tag a friend who’d love to come with you to Greece” can do wonders for your engagement.

Keeping your Greece caption short and sweet can also help boosting your engagement rates. However, remember that you do have 2,200 characters to convey your message to the world. If you have good copywriter skills, you can even create your own Greece puns and captions, setting trends and inviting people to step into your footprints.