If you were to name one Greek food, what would be the first to come to mind?

To some people, this would be tzatziki, the yogurt and cucumber based dip that goes so well with freshly baked pitta bread.

Others would name lamb kleftiko, the stew-like dish which is slow-cooked until the meat falls off the bone and melts in your mouth.

Most people already know souvlaki, the mouth-watering tender meat skewers.

Gyros, the most popular street food in Greece, doesn’t need any special introduction.

Moussaka, traditional Greek dish based on minced-meat, potatoes and vegetables, is heavenly delicious (although you should be cautious when ordering it during the hot season).

The Greek salad, a match made in heaven containing feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and extra virgin olive oil, is the perfect refreshment that fills you up nicely without making you sluggish.

Bureki is a savory dish made from pastry dough filled with beef meat and sprinkled with a delicious sauce with herbs and spices.

Dolmadakia, wine leaves stuffed with rice and spices, have a taste to die for.

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