The stunning beauty of Greece combines rugged mountain passes and serene blue waters caressing sun-soaked beaches. Additionally, you’ll encounter warm and friendly locals, delectable cuisine, and a laid-back atmosphere that entices you to indulge in relaxation.

It’s never too early to start planning a getaway to the enchanting islands of the Aegean and Ionian Seas. With proper planning, you will be able to see many stunning views and historical structures. How to determine the best places? Just search for Greece travel pictures on Instagram and you will be able to understand whether you are drawn there or not. Fortunately, travel and leisure Instagram is one of the most popular topics and you have something to see in Greece through Instagram.

greece scenery

Top Instagram Blogs to Explore Greece

#1 Alexandros Maragos (@alexmaragos)

Greek award-winning photographer and filmmaker Alexandros Maragos has actively participated in numerous international and Greek film productions. Furthermore, his exceptional photography has been showcased in esteemed international publications and organizations, including NASA and National Geographic.

Maragos captures stunning photos and time-lapses of Greece, offering a diverse and dynamic perspective. His work seamlessly blends cinematography influences, encompassing urban, nature, and landscape photography themes.

#2 My Boutique Hotels Greece (@myboutiquehotelsgreece)

This hidden gem of a Greek account may not have the number of followers it truly deserves. However, just like undiscovered destinations that eventually become tourist hotspots, that will certainly change soon. My Boutique Hotels Greece serves as an exceptional visual resource for those seeking inspiration when selecting lesser-known places to stay across Greece and its islands. What we adore about this account, apart from its stunning pictures, are the eloquent descriptions of the featured hotels and locations. Why not consider renting a boat in Greece, indulging in island hopping, and then spending a night or two on land at one of their recommended accommodations?

Instagram is not the only resource that can introduce you to Greece. How about Greece’s Snapchat? You may remember that Snap’s location is tied to your geolocation and you cannot just watch foreign content and this will be true. How to change location on Snapchat? There is a way to modify Snapchat map location and it requires a VPN. You can use a Snapchat VPN from a trusted developer like VeePN and move around the world freely. You just need to change your location via VPN and Snapchat will adjust your feed to the new geolocation. This way you can explore Greece even more thoroughly or plan your itinerary better.

#3 Stefanos | Greece (@stef_greece)

Stefanos, a young Greek photographer, has a deep passion for travel, photography, and tourism. His account showcases stunning photos of the Greek islands and the crystal-clear waters of the Greek seas, all with a captivating touch of blue. Additionally, Stefanos captures the hidden beauties of Greek mountains and small villages during winter, offering a unique exploration untouched by tourists.

#4 Getting Married in Greece (@aviaperviasantorini)

Gorgeous brides and happy couples celebrate the magical three words ‘I love you’ in exquisite settings, as there are no signs of plate smashing. Getting Married in Greece, an exceptional website utilizes Instagram to inspire its followers. By clicking the link in their profile, you can access the best resources available for all your needs regarding getting married in Greece. They frequently cover venues, food, travel, and more in a format that is easy to follow.

#5 Christos Miaris (@cm_droneandmore)

Christos Miaris, a talented Greek photographer and cinematographer, skillfully captures breathtaking images from various locations throughout the country. His gallery showcases mesmerizing aerial shots of Greece’s mountains and beaches, each photo revealing its own unique story with a simple, yet refined aesthetic. While Christos is based in Athens, his photographic lens takes him both within and beyond the borders of Greece. Feel free to contact him for photography lessons if you’re interested.

greece zakynthos

#6 The Greece Guide (@thegrecianguide)

The Greece Guide offers a comprehensive destination experience for everything Greece has to offer! Indulge in mouth-watering food pics, soak up the sun on beautiful beaches, and dive into wonderfully clear waters. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural scene. Need accommodation, local recommendations, or want to attend a cool event? The Greece Guide has got it covered. Our top recommendation for all things Greece, follow the Greece Guide for the best all-round experience. A word of advice – during your travels, use the best VPN iOS to protect yourself from the various cyber risks that travelers are exposed to. Although currently under website updates, their blog provides informative insights, exceptional restaurant suggestions, and the finest places to stay.

#7 DefinitelyGreece (@definitelygreece)

Surprise! This list wouldn’t be complete without our very own Instagram account, Definitely Greece. Our account focuses on showcasing the hidden beauties of Greece as seen through the eyes of locals.

On this account, you’ll find not only stunning photos of Greek summer, but also snapshots of the Greek lifestyle and traditions. And if you’re looking to turn your dreams into reality and plan a trip to Greece, we’re here to help.

#8 Dionysios Kaminaris (@diokaminaris)

Dionysis Kaminaris, a Greek civil engineer who resides on the enchanting island of Cephalonia, indulges in the art of photography while passionately cherishing Greece. Through his personal account, he skillfully captures the mesmerizing beauty of the country. Since 2013, he has been the visionary founder and administrator of the renowned Greek account, @wu_greece. The esteemed Instagram community of World Union Greece showcases nothing short of magnificent photographs that unmistakably portray the splendor of Greece.

#9 Leda de Piart (@ledart)

Leda de Piart employs a minimalist gaze to capture the intricacies of a Greek summer against a backdrop of blue and white. After completing her fine art studies, de Piart actively participated in numerous painting exhibitions before uncovering her true passion for photography. She now shares her distinctive perspective on Greece with the public through her Instagram account.

#10 Santorini Plus (

Santorini Plus is an online haven dedicated to the enchanting islands of Santorini. It showcases the mesmerizing white houses perched above the sea. With its mosaic layout, the account captures breathtaking panoramic pictures that embody the allure of this popular Greek destination. Like Getting Married in Greece, the Instagram account beautifully illustrates the musings of blog owner Cristina and her passionate crusade to showcase the exquisite charm of her islands. If you’re planning to visit Santorini, this account is an absolute must-follow!

#11 Natalie (@natalie.tb)

Natalie, a talented young photographer from Greece, shares stunning images of her homeland on her Instagram account. Her feed captures the essence of summer with its white-washed buildings and vibrant doors basking under the Greek sun. Her aesthetic exudes a sense of minimalism and nostalgia, creating a perfect blend.

#12 Katerina Katopis-Lykiardopoulou (@katerinakatopis)

Katerina Katopis-Lykiardopoulou, a marathoner and marketing team member of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, boasts extensive expertise in the tourism industry. For numerous years, she has contributed towards the development and promotion of luxurious accommodations and villas in Greece and around the world. With a passion for sports and the ocean, Katerina splits her time between Switzerland, the UK, and Greece.

Santorini view

#13 Greecevacation (@greecevacation)

Greecevacation has rapidly gained popularity as a go-to account for both current and future admirers of the Mediterranean country and its islands. If you wish to capture the country’s scenic beauty through the camera lens, this account is a must-follow. We adore the photos they share, which make us yearn for summer, a refreshing beverage in hand, crystal-clear waters to our right, and a stunning coastline to our left.

#14 Catherine P. Livieratos (@katemeets)

Catherine Livieratos is passionate about traveling, which she showcases daily through her lifestyle blog and Instagram page, both known as “Katemeets.” She dedicates herself to her work and describes herself as open-minded yet grounded, dreaming of a life filled with vibrant experiences, emotions, and vivid colors.

Final Words

Instagram – a visual guide to Greece, photo instructions for travelers. On the one hand, you lose the effect of surprise, on the other hand, you create the right expectations and choose the best places to travel. You can ask your partner to choose some of the places and choose the destinations yourself. Then check the list and travel. This way you will take into account the interests of all travelers and add an element of surprise when you arrive at the place that your companion has planned.