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Submarine Cruise with Underwater Views from Rhodes

  • See the most famous and beautiful places in the City of Rhodes from Submarine Poseidon, a boat with glass bottom.
  • Enjoy a fish show where a diver feeds the fish near the boat (The 18:30 cruise doesn’t include a diving show)
  • The air-conditioned cabin below the surface boasts huge windows which offer you a 360° panoramic view of the stunning eco-systems of the Aegean Sea.
  • There’s a bar on board for you to buy snacks and drinks
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • ⭐️Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (457 reviews)

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Among all the Rhodes Town boat tours there are two that don’t take you anywhere: the submarine tours. Yet, they are well worth it, as they provide you with great opportunities to take photos of Mandraki Port, medieval windmills, deer statues, yachts, cruise ships and buildings. In addition, you get to watch sea life from a submerged room with glass walls.

I took the Poseidon Submarine Tour and I found it so cool that I wanted to share the experience. You can find out some details and book a tour here.

Because of the pandemic, you can only book boat tours and trips online, in order for the Rhodes port authorities to have the list of passengers before the trip date. At least, this is valid for August 2021 when I took this boat tour from Rhodes Town.

Where To Find These Rhodes Town Boat Tours with Underwater Views?

All Rhodes Town boat trips start from the port of Mandraki. If you walk along the shore, you’ll see lots of booths advertising day tours, fishing tours, submarine tours, catamaran tours, etc. Sales agents stand nearby those booths, ready to offer you more information about their tours. Some offer free informational brochures.

There are two submarine boat tours departing from Mandraki Port: The Poseidon and The Yellow Submarine. Their tours run multiple times per day and they take 45 minutes that include the tour of the medieval walls and the diver show that attracts fish and other sea animals.

How the Poseidon Submarine Rhodes Town Boat Tour Goes On

I’ve been on the Poseidon (book your Poseidon tour here), but I guess both companies offer a similar experience. I took an afternoon tour. Anyway, there are six tours per day, the first one starting at 11:30. The tours start on time, so make sure you aren’t late for your appointment.

To start with, you’ll sit on the deck. There’s a row of chairs on each side of the boat and a big bench in the middle. If you want shadow, sit on this middle bench. Anyway, once the boat gets moving, you’ll want to stand and move around to find the best angles for your photos.

After a while, the captain of the boat invites everyone to the underwater room to attend the sea life show. This sea life observatory features big glass windows on both sides. In the center of the room there’s a bench for the guests. Sit on any side you want, as the diver will go around the boat, making those fish follow him from one window to the next, and then over again.

While people are taking their seats in the room below, the captain throws some fish food into the sea. Apparently, the fish are already used to the “feeding schedule” and they show up right away to get their fix of human-made food.

Then the diver takes over, spreading food all over and attracting hundreds of fish of all sizes. In fact, I was able to count three different species of fish. While they aren’t as colourful as fish in other areas of the world, they surely impress by number and behaviour.

The show goes on enough for everyone to be able to admire the fish and to take photos. The room has air conditioning, so it’s a pleasure to sit there and watch.

Once the boat starts moving to take you back to the shore, you can either keep sitting inside or you can go outside on the deck to take some more photos of the surroundings. I chose to sit and watch, but there was nothing to see through the windows other than rocky sea bottom and milky waters.

Photos of the Rhodes Town Fish

Here are some of my best shots taken on this boat trip. There were countless others that didn’t make it to getting published, though.

rhodes poseidon submarine fish

rhodes town boat trip fish

rhodes poseidon submarine fish diver


rhodes poseidon submarine fish

During this Rhodes Town boat trip I also took nice photos of the medieval walls, windmills and deer. I save them for another article on Rhodes Island, though.