Mount Olympus in Greece

Mount Olympus in Greece

Mount Olympus in Greece is one of the most beautiful places on this planet. It has hikes for all levels, waterfalls, lizards and even a holy cave.

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This website is here to help you find your way around Greece and plan your next vacation like a pro.

You’ll find out how to enjoy a Greek island hopping adventure to the full by choosing your itinerary the smart way.

You’ll find a synopsis of the best Greece beaches, in order to choose your next Greek destination with ease. You’ll learn which is the best time to travel to Greece, and what are the most quiet Greek islands to visit.

You’ll find out how to plan a Greece vacation to have a wonderful time.

 Many first-time Greece visitors choose Santorini, Mikonos or both islands. Some try to add Crete or Rhodos into the mix. Everyone wants a bit of Athens along the way.

Greece is a lot more than two-three islands and one city. The mainland is fabulous. Lesser known islands are amazingly beautiful and welcoming. The Greek mountains offer breathtaking landscapes and exciting hikes.

To all first-time travelers who want to step off the beaten path and to meet the deep, less touristy Hellenic spots, OffbeatGreece.com is the place to go to find actionable Greece travel planning information and itineraries you can copy exactly.

If you can’t be bothered with travel planning, you’re welcome to browse the guided tours and book the one that suits your style.

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To first time travelers and Greece lovers, Offbeat Greece is the place to go for inspiration, tips, advice and itineraries you can copy exactly.

I am Violeta, and I fell in love with Greece in 1996 when I visited this country for the first time.

I lived in Crete for one winter and I loved every minute of it. Crete is one of my favorite destinations in Greece. From Heraklion to Chania, and from Rethymno to Agia Galini, Matala, Ierapetra and Sitia, Cretan roads offer scenic drives, full of excitement and scattered with small tavernas where you can enjoy the most amazing home-cooked foods.

Greece was the country I had chosen to be my first home away from home. I find pleasure in returning for small vacations, long weekends, or adventurous road trips whenever I get a chance. I’m a short flight away from Athens.

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