Part of the Ionian Islands group, Corfu is one of the greenest Greek islands. Corfu beaches are well-known for their crystal clear, blue waters. On Corfu you’ll find long, sandy beaches, but also pebbled and rocky ones. Either way, the scenery is beautiful and the color of the water is simply amazing, so it matters less where you choose to stay on the island once you get off the Corfu ferry.

The coasts of Corfu are scattered with small coves, with beaches hidden between cliffs and trees. Fortunately, you can’t see these beaches from the main road. I say fortunately because otherwise they would be chocked full with noisy people invading your personal space.

How To Find the Best Corfu Beaches

If you have a car, you’re all set to find the best beaches in Corfu. Just follow the main road and pay attention to signs. “Paralia” is the Greek for ‘beach” and there will be lots of such signs along the way.

To find these hidden beaches, you have to leave the main road and drive carefully on these smaller roads that usually end on a beach. Sometimes, you’ll find a beach as small as you can’t fit more than two people on. Some other times, you’ll find bigger beaches where you’ll even be able to park your car under a tree.

If I sent one or two weeks in Corfu, I’d talk to local people to find out what their favorite beaches are. Those small sheltered bays alongside the coast of this island are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to put up with the crowds.

Two Very Private Corfu Beaches You Can Reach by Car

We discovered these two Corfu beaches by accident, but now I’m able to share the information to help you find a peaceful spot by the sea.

Chouchoulio Beach (Paralia Houhoulio)

As you drive north from Kerkira Town, you pass Kontokali, Gouvia, Limni, Dassia, Ypsos, Pirgi, Barbati and Kalami, and then you get off the main road just after the Kalami Beach sign. Instead of taking left to Kalami Beach, keep right. This little road passes by Chouchoulio Beach. The sign with the name of the beach is in Greek only. It took me a while to read it (and even more to remember the name of the beach to write this article).

There’s asphalt all the way to the beach, so you don’t have to worry you’re going to damage the car. As you get off the road, there’s a wider area where you’ll be able to turn around your car. You can also park there, under the trees.

Chouchoulio Beach Corfu

By mid September, I found about 20 people on Chouchoulio beach. That was hard to believe after spending the previous afternoon on the busy Paleokastritsa beach.

Chouchoulio, a hidden sandy beach in Corfu

There’s nothing on this beach, so make sure you bring food, water, sunscreen, an umbrella and any thing else you may need.The only thing you’ll find here is the ruin of a house that doesn’t even have a roof any longer. If you ask me, this is the perfect spot to change your wet swimming suit before you leave the beach.

Building in ruins on Corfu beaches

If you don’t mind walking for a few minutes, however, you’ll get to Taverna Koulura, where you’ll find food and water (and wine and ouzo, of course, but don’t drink and drive).

No-Name Cove Toward Kerassia Beach

As you stand on Chouchoulio Beach facing the old ruin, look right and you’ll see a sign to Kerasia Beach. This sign marks the beginning of a narrow footpath between trees and bushes. Follow it and you’ll find a real gem, a beach that doesn’t even have a name.

Corfu beaches and secret paths through the bush

Secret Corfu Beaches

I was certain that was Kerassia Beach. I was wrong. That’s a little, wild patch of sand and pebbles hidden between rocks. If you want to sunbathe, you can lie on the rocks like a lizard. The water is crystal clear, but the bottom of the sea is pebbly, so you’d better wear your water shoes or sandals. We had our Chacos and we were just fine walking through the water.

I even wondered why they had to name such a small cove. When I looked at the map of Corfu, I understood that we should have walked more to get to Kerassia beach.

Secluded beach in Corfu

To get to this beach, you need to pass through water. You don’t want to know how afraid I was not to drop my camera or my phone into the sea.

Two Best Sandy Beaches in Corfu

Most sandy beaches in Corfu are either on the West coast or on the North coast of the island.

The following two Corfu beaches have everything you need in terms of comfort and convenience. They have sunbeds and umbrellas, beach bars, public toilets and changing cabins.

Paleokastritsa Beach (Agios Spiridon)

Located at 23 km distance from Kerkira Town, Paleokastritsa is one of the most popular beach resorts on Corfu, home to seven well-known beaches, as well as to many hidden beaches just like the ones described above.

The main beach of this resort is Paleokastritsa, also known as Ahios Spiridon, and it is easily accessible from the main road. Keep in mind, though, that may have to park your car somewhere far away from the beach.

Here’s an amazing drone video of Paleokastritsa and of the most beautiful Corfu beaches:

During high season, finding parking around these Corfu beaches can be a nightmare. If you choose accommodation is this area, you may want to walk or to catch a taxi rather than driving. Don’t ask me how we managed to park our car to sunbathe on the beach in Paleokastritsa.

Sidari Beach

Sidari is famous for its Canal D’Amour (the Love Channel), a spectacular rock formation that shapes a canal into the sea. You can swim to those rocks or rent a kayak to explore them.

According to an old legend, if two persons swim together in these waters, they will fall in love. Take care who you’re going to invite for a swim in Canal D’Amour, as you may end up loving them.

Sidari is a nice resort, with plenty of choices of tavernas, bars and restaurants. It also has a rather lively nightlife. You’ll find enough bars, pubs that open late, as well as live music. The only problem is that Sidari can get incredibly busy during the high season. I’ve been there early June, but I’ve seen some videos shot in July and there was a full load of people on the tiny beach near Canal D’Amour.

How To Find the Best Corfu Beaches

To find the best Corfu beaches, all you have to do is stick to the coast for as much as you can. Find all those narrow roads and walking paths, and seek for “paralia” signs.

Alternatively, book a full day cruise to explore the Blue Lagoon and the amazing coast of Corfu.

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