Agistri is a tiny island in the Argo-Saronic Gulf, located close to its larger sibling, Aegina. Also known as Angistri or Agkistri, this small Greek island counts only three villages, Skala, Megalochori (Milos) and Limenaria. It is an island where you come for the beach, the sun, and the good food.

I fell in love with the unspoiled Agistri at first sight, so I’m keen on returning for a longer stay. If I were to set my home away from home to work remotely, I’d choose Agistri, the pine-covered island that looks peaceful and quiet and welcomes you with beaches, hiking trails and fresh and tasty food.

agistri island beach boat

agistri island restaurant flowers

How To Get to Agistri

Unlike Moni island, Agistri is on the regular ferry route from Piraeus. It is the next stop from Aegina.

There are daily ferries and Flying Dolphins from Athens to Agistri, departing from Piraeus, Gate 8. The journey from Piraeus to Agistri takes one hour, give or take, depending on the type of boat you choose.

Agistri also has ferry and speed boat connections with Aegina, departing from Aegina Town. Aegina ferries need only 10-15 minutes to get to Agistri. The frequency of the ferries depends on the season, so make sure you check out ferry schedules and timetables before planning your travel.

agistri blue ferry

How To Spend One Day on Agistri

If you set base on Aegina, then you must spare one full day to visit Agistri. That’s what I did. As it was August, there were frequent connections between the two islands, so I was even able to pick the most convenient time.

Your day on Angistri could look like this:

  • take a morning ferry from Aegina Town to Skala
  • have breakfast and a coffee in Skala, take photos of the beautiful white church with blue roof
  • walk along the coastal promenade that leads to Megalochori
  • choose one of the beaches alongside this walk, grab a sunbed and enjoy some beach and swimming time
  • have lunch at one of the tavernas in the area (Yialos is a good one)
  • take a boat back to Aegina from Megalochori (I took a Flying Dolphin)

If you don’t want to spend time at the beach and to swim, you’ll have enough time to visit also Limenaria, the third settlement on the island. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to get back to either Megalochori or Skala to jump on a boat to take you back to Aegina.

Best Things to Do on Agistri

This isn’t one of the Greek islands that are famous for their beach parties and nightlife. Anyway, our nightlife everywhere in the world is long gone since the beginning of the pandemics.

Agistri is best for swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and hiking. If I were to write a book, I’d set base on Agistri. Everyday I’d go for a long swim, I’d have my breakfast and my Greek frappe at my favorite taverna and I’d watch the sea changing colors and the white boats passing.

Enjoy Swimming, Snorkeling and Beach Time

If you prefer animated beaches with lots of people, beach bars, music and water sports, Skala Beach is for you.

On Skala Beach you can rent a boat

On Skala Beach you can rent a boat

Skala Beach Agistri Sunbeds and Umbrellas

Skala Beach Agistri Sunbeds and Umbrellas

If you prefer silence and privacy, take a few steps along the coastal promenade or head over the opposite direction to find the most famous beach on Agistri, Chalkidia Beach. Nevertheless, this beach could be crowded, too in high-season.

The shoreline that links Skala to Megalochori is scattered with small beaches, sand patches and coves. The vegetation is scarce, so don’t expect to find natural shadow. Make sure you wear sunscreen and a large hat, in order to avoid sunburn.

The succulents have incredible shades of green and yellow. There’s no natural shade, though.

The succulents have incredible shades of green and yellow. There’s no natural shade, though.

You can choose a private spot to set base for your day at the beach or you can grab a sunbed and an umbrella at one of the tavernas alongside the road.

Beach on Greek Island

Many tavernas on Agistri have their own sunbeds and umbrellas to offer their paying customers.

I highly recommend Yialos Taverna, where I had delicious tzatziki and a fabulous Greek salad.

Greek salad at Yialos Taverna on Agistri Island

Greek salad at Yialos Taverna on Agistri Island. Absolutely delicious. I could smell the lovely olive oil flavor I like so much!

Agistri Island – Yialos Taverna Beach

Agistri Island – Yialos Taverna Beach

This is another tiny beach with umbrellas, sunbeds and a wooden deck to the water.

Agistri Island Walks & Hikes

Walking from Skala to Megalochori (Milos) takes about 15-20 minutes, as there are less than 3km between the two settlements. However, you’ll probably need much more time to cover this distance, as you’ll want to stop for photos and maybe for a swim and a snack.

Turquiose sea around Agistri

I still can’t believe the colors of the water around Agistri

Greek island promenade with dwarf palm tree

The only natural shadow you’re going to get on this Agistri road

If you prefer hiking, you can use Google Maps to get from Skala to Megalochori on dirt trails. This is a good idea during spring or fall, when temperatures are milder. August is not a good month to take this route, as there’s barely any shadow. At 300 meters altitude, with no water nearby, it can get too hot to feel comfortable.

Agistri Kayaking

I love kayaking! I did it in Corfu and it was such an experience! I wish I knew kayaking was available on Agistri before spending half of my time there swimming and snorkeling. This is yet another reason to get back to this lovely Saronic island, this time for a longer stay.

Bike or Scooter Rental

If you want to visit the island without having to walk or use buses, you can rent a bike, a motorbike or a scooter. The roads are good on Agistri and there aren’t too many cars, so you’ll feel at ease riding your scooter.

Boat Rental

Renting a boat is a great way to explore the coast, to swim and to enjoy quality snorkeling time. If you do it, remember to ask for the coordinates of the Avantis III wreck that lies on the bottom of the sea at 18-45 meters deep. You can see the ship through your snorkeling mask.

Scuba Diving on Agistri

The Avantis III wreck is one of the most popular scuba diving spots on Agistri. It is suitable for all levels of diving certifications.

The clear waters and the rocky shores make Agistri a great scuba diving destination.

What To Bring with You on Agistri

If you come for one day only, bring your swimwear, a hat, sunscreen, snorkel and a smartphone (preferably with a Greek sim card to be able to use the maps without paying a fortune). A photo camera is also a must. If you go for a scuba diving and boat trip, bring your underwater camera, if you have one.

Should you choose to stay a few days on this scenic Greek island, bring along some good hiking shoes and a tripod for your camera.

Greek island beach

Where To Stay on Agistri

The coast line between Skala and Megalochori is scattered with small hotels and holiday apartments. Here are a few of them, just in case you want to stay on Agistri for a few days for some hiking and sunbathing.

Hotel Amaryllis – located a very short walk from the port, this hotel is right in front of the beautiful sandy beach of Megalochori. The hotel offers Continental  breakfast, but also full English or Irish breakfast. The sandy beach and the shallow water are perfect for children.

Check out Hotel Amaryllis room prices and availability here. You’ll find below a few photos of the hotel with its restaurant, and of the beach in front.

agistri amaryllis hotel

agistri amaryllis hotel beach-sunbeds

Oasis is another hotel on the coast line between Skala and Megalochori. Click here to see the room prices and the availability for your desired period. Hotel Oasis is bigger and it also has a swimming pool and a poolside bar. It is located on the sandy beach of Skala, very close to the center of the village where you can find lots of tavernas and shops.

agistri oasis beach hotel

Hotel Anagennisis – also located on the beachfront in Skala, this hotel is a good choice for a short stay. If you want to see room rates for your desired period, click here. This hotel doesn’t offer breakfast, but there are many tavernas nearby, so you won’t have a problem to find coffee and food at any time of the day.

agistri anagennisis hotel