The biggest challenge of visiting an island for the first time is to choose the resort or the village to stay in. The island of Corfu makes no exception. There are many villages that look fabulous. Besides, there’s the charming Kerkira Town, with its Venetian style buildings and with its old harbor that make you never want to leave this island.

Deciding where to stay is hard, even if you do have a car. Most Corfu ferries arrive in the port of Kerkira Town. However, I’d say its better to find accommodation in a beach resort and visit the old Venetian town by car or bus.

If you follow the logic and decide to stay somewhere in the middle of the island, you may pick Barbati to be your home-base. However, Barbati hides a terrible secret which I’m going to share with you in this article.

Where Is Barbati in Corfu?

Barbati is a lovely village located 20 km northeast from Corfu Town and from the airport. Located just nearby the Pantokrator, the highest mountain peak on this Greek island, Barbati offers stunning views of the Corfu Old Town and of the neighboring Albania.

By choosing a hotel or a villa in Barbati, you’d be a short drive away from Corfu Town, Pantokrator, Dassia, Sidari, and Achilleion. All photos of Barbati you’re going to find on the internet look awesome, as the northeastern coast of Corfu is gorgeous, scattered with secret beaches and coves.

Choosing Your Barbati Accommodation

If you are like me, you always pick accommodation with sea view. There are some villas in Barbati that offer such stunning views of the sea, that you can hardly resist booking them. I’ve stayed in a studio in Oceanis, in the northern part of Barbati. The rooms are nice and clean, and there is parking space in front of the house. The villa has a swimming pool and a restaurant with a few tables. Built on the cliff, the location is ideal for staring at the sea all day long.

Barbati, Corfu, view from Oceanis Rooms Apartments

Barbati, Corfu, view from Oceanis Rooms Apartments

Narrow path to the sea in Barbati, Corfu

Narrow path to the sea in Barbati, Corfu, just in front of Oceanis Apartments

The downside of not being in the center of the village is that there are no sidewalks. You have to walk on the street, very carefully, in order to avoid being hit by the cars. The alternative is to take your car wherever you want to go. While this isn’t a pleasure, it is something you can live with. You’ll want to explore the island anyway.

The Secret of the Corfu Resort of Barbati

I’ve stayed in Barbati for about one week. It rained every single day. You may think it was only bad luck. However, it didn’t take long to notice that other parts of the island enjoyed a beautiful sun while we had to put up with the afternoon showers in Barbati. The explanation is simple; mountains attract clouds and antennas can trigger the formation of water droplets in the clouds.

Pantokrator is a high mountain and it has a huge antenna on top if it. This is why the sky here is almost always covered with clouds.

curvy road by the sea

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Barbati, Corfu, is a beach resort where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea, but also the proximity of Pantokrator, the highest peak in Corfu