Thessaloniki: Customized Private Walking Tour with a Local

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#1 Sailing Activity

Thessaloniki: Half-day sailing cruise to Shipwreck Bay

  • Main destination: Navagio beach Epanomi area opposite of Mt. Olympus
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  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off with extra cost
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • ⭐️Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (4 reviews)

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Is Thessaloniki worth visiting? What to do in Thessaloniki for 3 days?

This article aims to answer the above questions. You’ll find out what are the best things to do and the main tourist objectives in Thessaloniki.

You’ll also find out that Thessaloniki is a food lover’s paradise. Mountains of sweets, sesame bars, meringues, candied fruit, jelly, tiramisu, macarons and many other such delights await for you to taste them.

thessaloniki sweets

Here’s an idea of Thessaloniki three-day itinerary. Feel free to add to it, should you intend to visit also the surroundings of the city. For instance, check out my other article about the beaches near Thessaloniki.

Day 1: A Glimpse into History

History buffs have a lot of things to see in Thessaloniki. Here are the best of these things.

thessaloniki white tower promenade

The White Tower – Best Tours

The White Tower, Lefkós Pýrgos in Greek, is the iconic symbol of Thessaloniki. You can visit it by yourself or join an organized tour. This can be either a Thessaloniki walking tour, a stop during a boat tour, or a hop-on hop-off bus stop. Just check out the following Viator tours to see how they suit you.



Visiting alone would save you money. If you’re only interested in seeing the panorama from the top, go visit the White Tower by yourself, by all means. Visiting as part of a tour, though, would enable you to find out more about the fascinating history of the White Tower.

The White Tour opening hours:

  • April 1st to October 31st: 08:00 – 20:00
  • November 1st to March 31st: 08:30 – 15:30

The White Tour Ticket Prices:

  • 1st April – 31st October General admission: 6 euros Reduced: 3 euros
  • 1st November – 31st March General admission: 3 euros

Always check their official website to see the current schedule and prices.

The Museum of Byzantine Culture

The thematic sections of the museum delve into different aspects of Byzantine culture such as daily life, trade, and culture.

The Museum of Byzantine Culture has the same opening hours as the White Tower.

The two objectives are close to each other, so you can visit both of them in one go.

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The museum’s collection boasts a diverse array of artifacts, ranging from the prehistoric era to the Late Antiquity period.

The exhibits are meticulously organized to showcase the different phases of the city’s development, as well as the wider cultural currents that shaped the ancient world.

The Rotunda

The Rotunda’s origins trace back to the early 4th century AD when the Roman Emperor Galerius commissioned its construction as a mausoleum for himself. The sheer grandeur of the design reflects the emperor’s aspirations for eternal glory.

With its imposing circular form and massive brick walls, the Rotunda looks similar to the Pantheon in Rome (both buildings have the so-called Oculus).

The Rotunda stood as a symbol of power and a nod to the architectural opulence of the Roman era.

You can visit all of these monuments in Thessaloniki with a combo ticket you can buy at any of them.

Ano Poli (The Old Town)

End your day wandering the cobbled streets of the scenic Ano Poli district, also known as the Old Town.

While here, visit the Byzantine Walls, in order to have a glimpse into Thessaloniki’s fortified past.

Pick a nice restaurant to have dinner.

Day 2: Modern Charm & Culinary Delights

Food aficionados will love Thessaloniki. I know I did! Here are some ideas of spending one of your three days in Thessaloniki tasting traditional Greek dishes, sweets and wines.

Modiano Market

Start your day with a coffee in the lively Modiano Market. Hundreds of stalls await for you to check out their offer of aromatic spices, local delicacies, and colorful fruit and veggies.


The Ladadika District

The Ladadika District is one of the trendiest neighborhoods of Thessaloniki. It is the perfect place to have lunch and to spend a few enjoyable hours watching people passing by your table.

There are lots of shops in the Ladadika District, so you may want to check out some of them to buy souvenirs from Greece.

Nikkis Avenue Sunset Walk

Nikkis Avenue is the perfect place for an enjoyable sunset stroll.

Nikkis is the large avenue alongside the waterfront promenade. It is probably the most photographed street in Thessaloniki.

This waterfront avenue is home to hundreds of restaurants, cafes, and shops.

I still remember one of the sweets shops showcasing the process of manufacturing colorful candy.

thessaloniki candy workshop

Here’s how to get to Leoforos Nikkis Avenue in Thessaloniki.

Day 3: Rinse & Repeat

If you haven’t had the chance to explore all of the above describes objectives, you can save some for this last of your 3 days in Thessaloniki. I’d leave The Rotunda for this last day, for instance.

thessaloniki brick gate

Kamara (the Galerius Arch)

Visit the triumphal arch that celebrates the city’s victory over the Persians and stands as a symbol of Thessaloniki’s resilience.

Neighboring the Rotunda, the Arch of Galerius had been built somewhere around 300 AD. In 1988 it has been included in the UNESCO Heritage list of monuments.

As there are many shops around the Arch of Galerius, ensure you make time for some shopping, as well. You might need it.

thessaloniki brick wall pattern

Very interesting brick wall pattern


Agios Dimitrios Church

Explore this impressive basilica, one of Thessaloniki’s oldest churches, featuring stunning mosaics and a rich history.

Navarinou Square

Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere in this square known for its street art, cafes, and a mix of cultural events.

Navarinou Square is very popular among students in Thesaaloniki. The young vibe also attracts lots of tourists.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to attend some cool events in Navarinou Square. Just search the web for such activities before you plan your 3 days in Thessaloniki and change the order of your bucket list items accordingly.